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payment solutions for media and streaming services.

We enable media and streaming services to accept online micropayments from users who are willing to pay for the time they used a service for, but do not want to subscribe.


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Accept payments and scale faster.

Tiun provides end-to-end payment capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution.

Tiun offers a suite of APIs powering direct payments and pay-as-you-go solutions in a smooth one-click experience.

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A technology-first approach to payments

Grow your business with the help of our flexible payments platform and local expertise.

Higher conversion

Allow visitors to pay for the time they use your service. Lower entry barriers for consumers.

Faster payment

Enable users to pay within five seconds - which is twelve times faster than subscribing.

Lower fees

Pay 15-20% less transaction fees compared to other big payment providers.

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